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Advancing Molecular Imaging

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only
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About This Course

Molecular imaging is a multi-disciplinary interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary integration, which is in line with the needs of targeted diagnosis and treatment of precision medicine. This course includes the molecular basis of molecular image, nuclear medicine molecular image, magnetic resonance molecular image, ultrasonic targeted molecular image, multimodal and multimodal molecular image and the latest progress. Through online and off-line interaction, the basic knowledge and the latest progress of molecular imaging are briefly described, so that the candidates can make the most of the knowledge revenue with the least time. Promoting graduate students to use molecular imaging knowledge for scientific research and future work.


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Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1Hou Guihua:

 Professor, doctoral supervisor, Qilu Medical College, Shandong University. She has been engaged in teaching and research of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging for a long time. It has been offering offline courses in Chinese and English molecular imaging for many years and has rich teaching experience. The main online course: "radiation and protection" was launched in the Zhihuishu  and MOOC of China University, and was recognized as a national quality online course by the Ministry of education in 2018. In this course, responsible for the design of course content, video perfection, introduction of main lecture and progress of nuclear molecular imaging.

Course Staff Image #1Yu Dexin:

Professor ,A chief physician and doctoral supervisor of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, deputy director of radiology department, and deputy director of nano molecular and functional imaging transformation medical research center of Shandong University. His research direction is imaging diagnosis, imaging omics and molecular imaging of thoracic and abdominal diseases.

 Course Staff Image #1Li Jie:

 Professor,Director of Department of Ultrasound, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, mainly focused on the fields of nanoscale ultrasound contrast agents, visualization and precise treatment of malignant tumor with targeted nanoscale ultrasound contrast agents with abilities of molecular imaging.




Course Staff Image #1Li Xin:

Chief physician,Vice-Director of Department of Nuclear Medicine, Qilu Hospital, Shandong University, mainly focused on the fields of Clinical Nuclear Medicine.





Course Staff Image #1Zhang Chao:

Associate professor of Qilu Medical College, Shandong University, director of Biomedical isotope research center,mainly engaged in the teaching and  research of basic nuclear molecular imaging medicine.




Course Staff Image #1Liang Ting:

Lecturer,well done in the specialized theories of Molecular Nuclear Medicine and richly experienced in teaching,who will be responsible for the routine maintenance of the courses.





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