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Software Engineering



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About This Course

Course Software Engineering is a very important mandatory course, which lays a solid foundation for the following SE-series courses. The course introduces software crisis, the birth of Software Engineering, the basic concept, and Software Engineering Ethics and Professional Practice. The course explains the basic elements of Software Engineering, including software process, methods and tools. Taking the process of software life cycle as the main thread, the course introduces the basic activities of software process, including requirements, analysis, design, implementation and integration, testing, and maintenance. The course explains how to do object-oriented analysis and object-oriented design with object-oriented methods. The course introduces several software life-cycle models.
The objective of the course is to help students to know and understand primarily the fundamental concept,history and Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. Students should understand the activities through software process, including requirements, analysis, design, implementation and integration, testing, maintenance, and software life-cycle models. Students are supposed to be able to conduct object-oriented analysis and object-oriented design.


Students need to have some programming experience  before the couese.

Course Staff

Professor ZHANG Shuang is a full-time staff of Software College, Northeastern University, China. She loves educational cause. She has devoted tremendous passion and efforts to her lecturing and has won a lot of honor and awards for her excellent lecturing and teaching from both the National and Liaoning Provincial Education Department. Her course Software Engineering is so successful that it is the National Excellent Online Course. She has also been being in charge of some other courses, such as Advanced Java Programming for foreign postgraduates, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for postgraduates, JSP&Servlet for undergraduates. Her lectures are in pure English, and very welcome by the students, especially by foreign students. She has research and project experience in areas of artificial intelligence, big data, mobile social cloud, cloud computing, Software Engineering, smart city, smart community, eCommerce, eOffice, Enterprise Resource Planning. She has led a team to complete varied software projects, such as intelligent material yard system for an iron and steel organization, electricity demand forecasting for the national grid, intelligent home system, intelligent community system, virtual community system, biometric features recognition system, university teachers evaluation system, and so on. Professor Zhang has overseas experience. She has her understanding and opinions about higher education. She understands the foreign advanced education concepts and respects each student's character. She is good at directing students to grow according to their interests and characteristics. And she has supervised more than 60 postgraduates, including 10 foreign postgraduates. With all, that's being said she is an excellent outstanding staff and is willing to do more exceptionally and explicitly.

HU Qinghe, Associate Professor, Northeastern University

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Can I become a software person?

YES, you can! Everyone can become a software person. So, welcome to Software Engineering!

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