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Green Economy from China's Stories

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About This Course


Man and nature form a community of life,we, as human beings, must respect nature, follow its ways, and protect it. Only by observing the laws of nature,can mankind avoid costly blunders in its exploitation. Any harm we inflict on nature will eventually return to haunt us, this is a reality we have to face. With unremitting efforts, we have established various new development modes of green economy, including Practice of Lishui City and Practice of Wuyuan County. The course is consisted of Eco-environmental Issues, Teaching Materials and Practices, Research Hotspots and Fronts, Circular Economy, Low-carbon Economy, Green Economy, Sustainable Development, Ecosystem Services, Ecological Footprints, Environmental Policy Assessment. Through the course, students are expected to grasp the theoretical fronts and hotspot issues on the green economics, comprehend China’s practices in green development, and foster academic and cultural literacy. Course features: fully English teaching, bilingual subtitles, 47 lecture videos provide you the basic theories of Green Economy and Practice in China, which not only vividly explain the idea that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and stories from China, but also increase the interesting of learning. 



Course Staff

Yaobin Liu, one of Cheung Kong Scholars of Ministry of Education of China(2012),doctoral supervisor,candidates for the National Ten Thousand Plan-Philosophy and Social Sciences Leading Talent Plan,candidates for National Talent Project,national "four batch" talents,candidates for the New Century Excellent Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Education,expert of the National Social Science Fund Discipline Planning Review Group,national outstanding professional and technical personnel.He has presided over 10 national scientific research projects such as the National Social Science Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundation,2 of the key projects;He won 6 provincial excellent achievement awards,2 first prizes.In "Annals of the Association of American Geographers", "Energy Economics", "Ecological Indicators", "Energy", "Applied Economics", "Economic Modelling", "China Industrial Economy", "China Soft Science", "Journal of Geography" "," Geography "," Geography "," Journal of Natural Resources "and other publications he published 152 papers, and published 10 monographs.Now he is the vice president of Nanchang University and he also serves as the key research foundation for the humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education,director of Nanchang University Central China Economic and Social Development Research Center.

Ling Bai , lecturer at the School of Economics and Management, Nanchang University, Master Instructor, part-time researcher at the Central China Eco-Economics Institute of Nanchang University, giving lectures on "Microeconomics" and "Macroeconomics".The main research areas are ecological economics, regional economics and applied spatial econometrics. Currently chairing 1 National Natural Science Foundation project and 2 provincial projects, Published more than 20 papers in core academic journals at home and abroad, including 3 SCI papers and 10 CSSCI / CSCD core papers as the first author.

Xi Tian, Nanchang University's professor, Master Instructor, director of the Institute of Circular Economy, leader of population resources and environmental economics, Talents introduced at provincial level. Main courses "Resource and Environmental Economics", "Circular Economics", "Industrial Economics". Hosting 1 National Natural Science Foundation, 5 provincial and ministerial level scientific research and educational reform projects, he published the monograph "Renewable Resources Industry Green Development Research", and published more than 10 SCI papers in the field of circular economy.

Huanhuan Xiong , Lecturer of Nanchang University, PhD student, Master's tutor, Member of ACCA (Chartered Certified Accountant),Part-time Researcher of Central China Eco-Economics Institute, Nanchang University, The main research direction is urbanization and ecological economy. Hosting 1 National Social Science Fund project and 3 provincial projects, She was rated as the national "ACCA annual outstanding professional instructor", Nanchang University "Youth Post Expert", Advanced representative of "two studies and one action", "Excellent undergraduate thesis instructor", etc. She won many honors such as Nanchang University's "Weiling" award, teaching achievement award, teaching quality excellence award, Published more than ten papers in core academic journals at home and abroad.

She Ying, Lecturer at School of Economics and Management, Nanchang Hangkong University, PhD student of School of Economics and Management, Nanchang University. Core member of the regional · ecological metrology laboratory. During her work and doctoral studies, he exchanged and studied in North Dakota State University for one year; She presided over 7 provincial-level topics, and edited two economics textbooks, and participated in two monographs; Papers published in "Journal of Cleaner Production", "Resources and Environment in the Yangtze River Basin" (Xinhua Abstract Digest) and other publications; The main research areas are environmental economics and regional economics.

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