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Chinese Ceramics

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About This Course

Ceramic products are important cultural heritages of human civilization, and continue to adorn modern lives with their vivid appearance and rich cultural implication. A beautifully crafted and tastefully formed ceramic piece embodies the technology and craft of its times, records the bits of history and life. Combining painting, poetry, calligraphy, sculpture on its tiny body, it also functions as a carrier of social education information, integrating all in one no matter ancient or modern, Chinese or foreign, whole or partial, scientific or aesthetic. Thus its cultural and aesthetic value far exceeds its exquisite form and beautiful glaze, identified as " revealing metaphysical concept by tangible objects.” Based on the archaeological material, this course will systematically elaborates the origin, development and achievements of ancient Chinese ceramics from the aspects of history, technology and art.Part of the content is operated and filmed in VR, which is the first VR MOOC course in China, and there are many sitcoms related to the course.Some of them are filmed in VR.

Course Staff

Qiu Jing  Professor of the School of Art and Design of Nanchang University, senior arts and crafts artist, doctoral supervisor, famous teacher of ideological and political teaching in the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, expert of national vocational skills appraisal proposition, member of China Fashion Designers Association, member of China Fashion Color Association, judge of Jiangxi Professional and Technical Qualification Evaluation Committee, ideological and cultural creative expert of the Propaganda Department of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, member of Jiangxi Provincial Art Education Committee, member of the "1% Project" Fund Council, leader of high-level undergraduate teaching team in Jiangxi Province, and famous teacher of Nanchang University.

Wuqiang, master's degree, lecturer of Nanchang University. Research interests: Ideological and political education, human resources management and development. In 2012, he was a short-term visiting scholar of the University of Nottingham in the UK, published 7 academic papers, presided over and participated in 6 scientific research projects, and won 1 second prize of Jiangxi University Scientific and Technological Achievement Award and 1 first prize of Nanchang science and technology progress award.

Nie Jing, lecturer, master, School of basic medicine, Nanchang University. Teach courses such as human anatomy, systematic anatomy, sectional anatomy, etc. Person in charge of fault anatomy, a provincial-level excellent online open course in Jiangxi Province. He has published more than ten academic and teaching papers in international immunology, Journal of neuroanatomy, Chinese Journal of clinical anatomy, Journal of anatomy and other journals. Presided over one scientific research fund course of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department and one youth fund project of health department. Presided over two school level teaching reform projects of Nanchang University. Participated in a number of national natural fund projects, provincial natural fund projects and provincial education reform projects. Main research interests: human anatomy teaching, neuroanatomy research.

Chenlinghua, female, born in February, 1971, teacher, master, librarian, School of art and design, Nanchang University. Research direction: macro economy. He has published more than ten papers, presided over and participated in a number of projects above the provincial level.

Li Min, male, doctor of art engineering, Professor, head of national first-class professional construction site, director of provincial industrial design center, Dean of Art School of Jiangxi University of Finance and economics. The "four first batch" talents and discipline leaders of Jiangxi Province were selected into the first batch of "100 talents plan" (2015) and the school's excellent academic talent support plan (2013). He has served as a member of the expert committee of the International Institute of digital creativity, vice chairman of the creative China Design Alliance, deputy director of the academic and Education Committee of the China Architectural Decoration Association, executive director of the China Arts Graduate Education Alliance, member of the landscape and beautiful China Construction Special Committee of the China Urban Science Research Association, director of the China Industrial Design Association, executive director and Deputy Secretary General of the industrial design branch of the China Society of mechanical engineering The Joint Secretary General of the innovative design industry alliance of the Yangtze River economic belt, the executive vice president and Secretary General of Jiangxi Industrial Design Society, the director of the Design Art Committee of Jiangxi Artists Association, the director of the education and informatization Academic Committee of Jiangxi interior decoration Association, and the executive vice director of the intangible cultural heritage Innovation Education Professional Committee of Jiangxi creativity Association. Long term commitment to innovative design practice, education and research. In recent years, it has completed 13 national, provincial and ministerial projects, including the National Social Science Fund Project and the humanities and Social Sciences project of the Ministry of education, published 6 works, published more than 50 papers, won the second prize of Jiangxi Social Science outstanding achievements, 6 provincial and ministerial awards, approved 1 production and learning cooperation education project of the Ministry of education, 1 Jiangxi virtual simulation project, and completed more than 30 design projects.

Zhengtianqi, a graduate student of the school of art and design of Nanchang University, is the deputy editor in chief of the digital textbook "the wonderful journey of Chinese folk art", and has participated in a number of excellent online open courses. Among them, "the wonderful journey of Chinese folk art" and "fashion · Charm - the cultivation Manual of College Students' charismatic businessmen" have been put into operation on many platforms, such as MOOC, wisdom tree, super star Erya, etc, The course "traditional folk customs and Chinese art" participated in at the same time is operated on many platforms, such as love course, online international platform of Xuetang, United Nations sustainable development project, etc.

Qi Zhu ,EDUCATION :Cornell University, USA,Visiting Scholar 08/2019-12/2020
Nanchang University 09/2005-01/2008 ,Master’s Degree in Art Nanchang, Jiangxi Nanchang University 09/2001-09/2005 ,Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Nanchang, Jiangxi,WORK EXPERIENCE :Industrial Design Department, Nanchang University 09/2011-Present ,Vice Dean, Architectural Product Teaching & Research Section Nanchang, Jiangxi ,MONOGRAPH & PAPER :Study on Origin Effect of Ethnic Culture in National Residential Architecture Design, Guizhou Ethnic Studies 52-1001/C, by Qi Zhu 01/2016 ,Teaching Exploration & Analysis of Product Design Based on the Green Concept —Comment on Methodology of Product Design, Journal of The Chinese Society of Education 11-2606/G4, by Qi Zhu 12/2016 ,Study on Sculpture Art & Style Changing of Buddha, Monograph, Harbin Map Publishing House 2015 ,
Qi Zhu’s Design Portfolio, Jiangxi Social Sciences 36-1001/C, by Qi Zhu 2014 Qi 
Zhu’s Design Portfolio, Hundred Schools In Art 32-1092/J, by Qi Zhu 2013 
Excellent Senior Thesis Mentor, Nanchang University (12/2017) 
Nominate Award for High Quality Teaching, Nanchang University (12/2017) 
Excellent Organizing Award & Excellent Mentor, Zhang Sanfeng Cup Furnishing Design 
National Contest (2017) 
Modeling Design for Audi Concept Car (Design), Silver Prized, 6TH Industrial Design Biennial 
exhibition (2017) 
Plaza Landscape Design for Nanchang Railway Station (Design), Bronze Prize, 6TH Industrial 
Design Biennial exhibition (2017) 
Guidu—Book Bar Design (Design), Gold Prize in Star of Jinggang Art Design Competition, 
Jiangxi Artists Association (2016) 
Hubi Museum Design (Design), Silver Prize in 6th Star of Jinggang Art Design Competition, 
Jiangxi Ministry of Industry and Information Technology/Department of Culture (2016)

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