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Signal and Linear System



Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Signal and linear system is an important fundamental course for students majoring in information and communication technology. Its contents mainly focus on the theories and methods of signal and linear system  in the domain of time, frequency and complex variable. After this course, Students will acquire the ability to analyze signals and systems in electronic system, communication system and information system, which is necessary for further study of many specialized courses such as signal processing, system design, fundamentals of communication, etc.


Higher Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Complex Function and Integral Transformation, Fundamentals of Circuitry.

Course Staff

Wang Baozhu

Wang Baozhu Electronic Information Engineering College of Hebei University of Technology. Professor/ Master's Supervisor/ Provincial Famous Teacher in Hebei Province/ leader of Signal and Information Processing teaching team of Hebei Province/ member of Undergraduate Teaching Supervision Committee of Hebei University of Technology/ curriculum construction and evaluation expert. Engaged in the teaching of higher education for more than 30 years, she is rigorous in the academic research; she has achieved abundant academic attainments and has done a stellar job on teaching with her rich teaching experience and distinctive teaching characteristics. She leads the teaching team to carry out education and teaching research actively and transform the achievements of scientific research into teaching practice to cultivate the ability of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship.

Liu Cuixiang, doctor of Hebei University of Technology/ associate professor/ master tutor. 

Zeng Cheng,  doctor of Beijing Institute of Technology/associate professor/master tutor..

Yang Fan (female), doctor of Shandong University /associate professor / first prize winner of Tianjin Young Teachers' Basic Teaching Competition. 

Yang Fan (male), doctor of Harbin Institute of Technology/professor/ doctoral tutor.

Dr. Zhenxu Bai, lecturer, doctoral supervisor, was awarded the PhD degree from Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and Macquarie University (Australia). He is the deputy director of the Center for Advanced Laser Technology, and the deputy of the Hebei Key Laboratory of Advanced Laser Technology and Equipment.

Geng Chong, doctor, Tsinghua University, master tutor.

Wang Xia, doctor of Hebei University of Technology/ professor/ master tutor.

Ma Jie, doctor, Hunan University, master tutor.

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    Sep 1, 2024
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    Sep 1, 2024
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    Self Paced
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