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Introduction to Marine Navigation

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

According to statistics, more than 90% of the global trade is transported by ships. Many imported cars, oil, food and other goods in our daily life are transported by ships. With the uneven distribution of energy, food and industries, the impact of maritime transport on our lives has become more obvious. Understanding the sea and navigation is closely related to everyone.At present, the courses on popular Maritime Science are still relatively scarce. As the cradle of navigators, Dalian Maritime University focuses on Maritime Education and training, and has obvious advantages in maritime science popularization. This course has been offered by Dalian Maritime University for more than 20 years and has certain theoretical and practical value. This course mainly introduces the basic principles and basic knowledge of navigation for non navigation technical students, so that students can have a more in-depth understanding of ship, crew and other navigation related knowledge.

The structure of the teaching staff of this course is reasonable. All the lecturers have rich maritime qualifications and teaching experience. This course makes full use of the practice ship "Yu Kun" of Dalian Maritime University to better introduce navigation in combination with on-board practice, which can help students better understand and understand navigation.


Basic geographical knowledge and a little Chinese is better.


Course Staff

Qiang Liu

Chief officer of ocean ship, Associate professor of DMU

Qinghua He

Captain of ocean ship, Professor of DMU


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