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Medical Immunology

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About This Course

Medical immunology is a newly and rapidly developed subject to study the body’s defense against infections at cellular and molecular levels. It forms the basis of the medicine.

Every day we live in the environment full of the bacteria and viruses. How can we protect ourselves from the attacks by various kinds of the pathogens and keep us healthy? It will be attributed to our immune system to elicit the effective immune responses.  In these lectures, we use Janeway’s immunobiology, Kuby immunology and cellular and molecular immunology as the reference books and mainly focus on the two forms of adaptive immune responses, humoral and cellular immunity. The immune cells and molecules involved in such process are also discussed, such as the complements. The aim of this lecture is to provide the general understanding of immune response as an overall dynamic process and finally to inspire the interests for further study.


No special requirements for this course. Please complete the tasks and final exam after learning this course.

Course Staff

Qinghui Wang

PhD of Immunology, China Medical University. She has been doing research in the field of infectious immunology funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Outstanding Young Scholars Growth Program of Liaoning Province. She has been devoted to the theoretical and experimental teaching of "Medical Immunology" for international students in China since 2011. The course of "Medical Immunology" won the excellent course in Liaoning Province, China in 2019.

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Li Zheng

PhD of Immunology, China Medical University. She has been engaged in the teaching of "Medical Immunology" for students at different levels including international students and won the third prize in the “Lecture Competition (English)”among the young and middle-aged teachers in China Medical University.


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