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Indonesian Culture

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course
This course explains the symptoms of Indonesian culture and arts in a historical context and foreign cultures that also influence Indonesian culture. The subject matter in this course includes an understanding of culture as a dynamic process, external influences on Indonesian culture from prehistoric to the contemporary era, diversity and multiculturalism, globalization in Indonesia and Indonesian culture in contemporary times, especially in the era of digital technology.

This compact course introduces 5 interesting topics of Indonesian culture:
(a) What is Indonesian Culture?
(b) Trajectory of Indonesian Culture
(c) Diversity and Multiculturalism in Indonesia
(d) Globalization: Opportunities & Challenges; and
(e) Contemporary Indonesian Culture. 

Learning Outcome
After completing this course, students are able to analyze cultural phenomena in Indonesia in the historical context and the influence of foreign cultures that also influence Indonesian culture.

Credits: 4

- Online without face-to-face, so you must have a good internet signal
- Classes are conducted online without face-to-face, a student must have a good internet signal.

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